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My journal is a pretty fair mix of fandom and RL. I'll always try to comment on your entries if you are commenting on mine every once in a while. Please don't add me because of my graphics. I don't add people back that I don't know or that didn't comment here.
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Cutting for the following reasons:
→ I don't remember who you are
→ Your journal hasn't been active within @ least 6 months
→ You never comment on my journal/I never comment on yours
→ We don't really have anything in common anymore

If you were cut and you want to be added back, please let me know and I will more than happy to. If you think you were defriended on accident--you probably were! orz Please let me know! This was a pretty big cut so I was bound to make a mistake somewhere.

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New set of Death Note figures. Here is a photo:

Each figure is $11  plus $2 shipping (domestic--international will be $3-4). I accept: paypal, well-concealed cash, and money orders. 

These figures stand over 2 inches tall and come with a clear stand. They are brand-new, unopened. 

Light (Tennis Version)
Light (Business Suit Version)
Near (Grinning Version)
Near (Crouching Version)

L (Shocked Version)
L (Tennis Version)
Misa (Nurse Version)
Mello (Gun Version)

Mello (Surprise Version) (I HAVE 2 OF THESE FOR SALE)
Mikami (X-Kira Version)

CLICK ON ANY PHOTOS BELOW FOR LARGER VERSIONS: (I'll be removing the photos below of those sold as well as marking them off above)


Just comment if you are interested! ♥ (Old/Complete Transaction comments have been screened)
23 January 2010 @ 01:36 am

Last winner was: ana_leez (Previous winner: br33n)

Its the second week of school and I've already missed Math twice. Yikes. But that means I get a 3-day weekend. Switching my work week to have Sundays off was the best decision ever.

My parents coming up tomorrow too so its going to be a pretty good weekend. Not as good as the 4-day weekend last week when Kylie came up but still good.

I'm pretty sure JET notifications will be coming out next week or so, and my body knows it as its gone into a perpetual state of nervousness and anxiety as I knew it would. Canada got their letters this week. Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhimsonervousimsonervousimsonervousimsonervousimsonervousimsonervousimsonervous

I've become much more accepting to idea of going to graduate school if I don't get it in but I still know that if I don't get into JET I'm going to have at least a mini depression. So yeah, look forward to those posts! XD

I finished our first book for Modern Africa, Slave, and well, its scarring time. So, in the book she gets a circumcision but they sewed her completely up leaving just a whole for her to pee and menstruate from, which I wasn't familiar with--the only method I knew was where they remove the clitoris. So me being me, I wanted to find out more about it and I came across pictures of it. I'M WARNING YOU NOW, THIS IS HIGHLY DISTURBING.

THIS picture is of a woman who VOLUNTARILY had the procedure done. alskjdflaskdjfWHY???????????

THIS picture is after surgery. As if vaginas weren't creepy looking enough let's make it look like this!


So, I needed others to have to see that. haha

Today I have a lot I have to get done. I really just want to do nothing but the house is such a mess. And its basically all mine because I've been a slob since we got back. Also have to get my paper ready to submit for the History Conference. And work on my thesis. And get schedules and stuff done. BLAH.

This post is so boring. And I feel super gross and lard-filled today. Do you ever think you look really cute in something and then you catch yourself in a mirror sometime throughout the day and are just so disgusted that you went out like that? That was me yesterday so now I've kept with that theme. lol
I post less than when I was ridiculously busy with school. >.<

So. Yeah. Nothing has happened. This post it going to be really random. But lets add hot ass (loose pun intended) Roy for some spice:


I find it somewhat satisfying how downhill innovators has gotten. And yet confused too. I need to stop watching that comm but every so often they will do an icon I like. But they changed their community name to varia Why do they pay for such things? I'm pretty sure they've lost watchers. And they layout now is major blegh. Oh for those that don't know, I don't like them. haha. They rejected us as affiliates for cheese_tart when we first started saying we weren't on the same 'level'....Hmmm. Now who has 270 watchers and is affiliated with every good animanga icon community? alskfdjajs *bitter*

I am of course, quite proud of how far cheese_tart has come since February, I still feel like we are invisible to some (NOT ALL! ♥) good icon makers who all watch each other but not us. Makes me feel like their is still something missing even though I feel like we put out good work. I am forever obsessive and doubting when it comes to cheese_tart ^^

I could go on for days about it. Ask jadelioness

Durarara!! premiered today in Japan, well techinically yesterday, but SIGH when will it be subbed? EDIT: THEY ARE UPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I downloaded the first volume and want to color the shit out of it. But that's raw too. I just want to see and understand it dammit. Its going to awesome. I know it. I mean, totally, Daisuke Ono is the seiyuu for who I am sure will be my favorite character, it can't go wrong.

Speaking of Daisuke, which reminds me of Sebastian, I totally had a dream I was Sebastian giving William a blow job through one of those glory holes from a closet. And it was awesomeeeeeeee. XD

I thought one of my icons got stolen by someone earlier today haha. Then when I put them side by side I could tell the difference but they sure are similar!

I am to chapter...91? Of Skip Beat. I like it but I'm not like spazzy about reading the next chapter like I am with most shoujo. Yet Skip Beat is number 1, sometimes number 2 to VK. I still have like 60 more chapters to go. But there aren't even icons out there for it! WTF. Its really popular! Isn' I found one good maker that did them at shingetsuu aklsdjf I am making icons and then I'm sure it will catch on. PFT. That happens. Never saw a rustblaster icon in my life besides ones by ellen_grieves and then everyone and their mama did them. Same with Gantz. No one was doing Gantz icons. wth. Whatev. Not saying its all me but just that its my luck being shown up like that.

Part of my reason for being away so much was my complete focus on getting things at gertalia_santa finished up. Thank god I only had 5 or so default. Its been a bitch getting pinch hits worked out and stuff. Almost done with all that.

Code Geass continues to tease. THIS. Shut it. I don't want to get my hopes up. I'm going to be pissed if they turn it into a fucking musical or something. I want a new season! A remake scares me too, it was good! Why a remake? IF THEY TAKE ROLO OUT I'LL FUCKING DIE. HE'S THE BEST PART!

I can't believe break is almost over! GUH. I didn't get anything done. haha seriously. Didn't study japanese once or anything else. Didn't like 6 Feet Under so didn't get a show watched. Just major failing. I guess being lazy on break is okay but I feel I need to be preparing myself for my semester of hell. 

I also had the privilege of getting ANOTHER skin problem. I swear. My skin is the absolute WORST. God forbid I get something that I can hide, it always has to be on my neck or face. jalskdfjdfjasldfsjfd

This was a fungus from the animals. I am a monster. 

We've been playing the new Super Mario Bros game for Wii. Its pretty fun, we don't have too much farther to go. Its a unique blending of the Nintendo and Super Nintendo versions. If I had a wii I would buy it but we just rented it. Its difficult to get used to playing with another partner, Griffin and I are continuously killing each other accidentally because you can't walk through the other person and you often bounce off the other person when trying to land, etc.

And I have nothing else to say so um...a picture.

Somebody put up a rumor that Sweden was banned from the Hetalia anime for being openly gay and I was FREAKING out. haha Not really but that would have been horrendous! He's second only to Doitsu! Plus, he's only gay for Finland...duh.
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Behold... My Future
  I will marry BADOU.  
  After a wild honeymoon, We will settle down in LONDON in our fabulous House.  
  We will have 1 kid(s) together.  
  Our family will zoom around in a YELLOW COOPER.
  I will spend my days as a CURATOR, and live happily ever after.  
whats your future